5TOUNLOCK® is present for the first time at the 22nd international fair of Inter Airport Europe 2019 in Munich. It has been a great opportunity to see so many companies in the sector and announce our GSE unlocking technology and our flagship product: Blazecut®, an innovative fire suppression system.

In this particular 4-day event, 40 countries were gathered with more than 600 exhibitors where we could see from large international companies, to small national or local companies.

Next to our stand was TOP GSE, one of our leading partners in the purchase and sale of GSE, machinery and parts related to the airport sector. On this occasion it was their 10th anniversary and they also had a more than satisfactory fair in Munich.

We have been able to present our products to different manufacturers and companies, and they have been able to see how simple it is to implement it into their equipment. Many of the clients have come to be amazed at the great potential of 5TOUNLOCK®, for example, just in a few minutes you can remove any equipment from the plane to avoid delays.

Others, however, could not give credit to the Blazecut® T series, a simple pressurized tube with liquefied gas that can prevent any fire from spreading in closed compartments before it becomes bigger and too late, without putting people at risk.

We will continue the negotiations with those clients who have contacted us, contributing new ideas and solutions to service the security of the companies in airports and their punctuality avoiding delays and their costs derived from it.

It has certainly been a great experience where great business opportunities have been able to emerge, make great contacts, meet people from different countries and in which we will certainly repeat next time.